Scandinavian Meets  Victorian  on  The  Foreside  |  Falmouth,  MAINE

CornerStone and the entire team of craftspeople, suppliers, artists and designers involved were pleased to honor this home’s historic past while enhancing it with the very best of modern living.

Early in 2011, we found this house dated to the 1950’s and in need of major upgrades. The owners approached me to purchase the house and asked it be restored to its original grandeur. Immediately the team and I fell in love with this home and its truly unique architecture, the lovely period details, coastal location and attractive lot. The house was nearly fully gutted except for the retention of some of the original plaster, floors, wavy glass windows and fireplace mantel. From there, our team worked to preserve the historic features while blending in the amenities of modern living. In the end we touched everything from foundation to chimney top.

A home you can feel good in and feel good about – people that own CornerStone homes get peace of mind, knowing they have a home that has been restored, updated or built to the very highest levels.